zakaria company Introduction

Zakaria company


We equipped to establish a set of health tourism centers with the best spaces and treatment facilities in many part of the country, which is a decent combination of most modern facilities of west medicine along with a rich, ancient east medicine, especially in Iran and China.

In this set we provide a good platform to promote health and healing body and soul together and provide vast variety of services, packages and favorable and required offers to people and expand health tourism in Iran.

One of the most important centers of this series will be implemented and operational soon in Kish Island with modern facilities, such as robotic operating room, modern imaging such as PET scans and Cyber knife along with a variety of traditional medicine services (15 items), to not only attract tourists from within the country but also many applicants from neighboring and European countries.

In this massive project we will benefit from job creation, exchange technology, green energy and superior technology to in addition to promoting economic prosperity, create successful branding and the control authority in this field are exemplary and exemplary authority.

We attracted skilled doctors in the world especially Iranian colleagues (from abroad), and have also benefited from their experience and knowledge, and because of the diversity of services, we received clients in different age groups, different languages and cultures, and different health and then providing satisfactory services, they will become our permanent customers at this great club with multiple branches.

We will soon start the construction of other branches in other parts of Iran with unique localization in those area.

Health tourism activities:

  • Construction and equipping the clinic, polyclinic and limited surgical center, hospital, doctors building, clinics.
  • Launching and providing all medical services such as dental and related activities, consultation, beauty, sports, medicine.
  • Tourism therapy and Matters related to the patients such as hoteling and traffic and providing medical and hospital services as a way to deal with health.


Study of capability applicant:

Doctor Shahriar Etemadi Brojeny born in 1966 in Esfahan. He was graduated from Tehran Medical university in 1992 and his performance records are as follow:

  1. 23 years of practice
  2. 22 years of responsibility of forensic medicine in Kish and Gheshm island and still this responsibility to be continued.
  3. Head of Islamic parliament council for three courses (about 12 years) and still this responsibility to be continued.
  4. The member of settlement disputes council of Kish from 2005.
  5. CEO and chairman of board of Zakaria health tourism company in Kish Island and still this responsibility to be continued.
  6. Military Commission Physician and still this responsibility to be continued.
  7. Member of the anti-drug campaign.
  8. The most reliable physician of office, bank and insurance in Kish.
  9. The vice president of merchants for 2 years in Kish.

Address: Unit F24, Salar Kish complex, Sanai St, Kish island, Iran

Telefax: +987644455570