Petro Kala Pasargad Kish


Petro Kala Pasargad Kish (PEKA), was founded and registered in Kish Island with register number of 8331 in 2010, As a subsidiary of Pasargad Energy Development Company.

Peka head quarter office and workshop is located in Kish island industrial zone 3, no.82. It consists of a 7500 sqm. office, work shop and physical & chemical laboratory space. It also includes a show room for displaying of down hole tools, components and spare parts. Its workshop is equipped with tools and machinery (including NC, Hydraulic Break out unit, , Jar tester, Fast Make up – Breakout, Grinding Machine) to test, repair and maintain down hole equipment.

Services and capabilities:

1-Saling and renting fishing tools, milling, drilling jar and down hole equipment.

2-repairing and rebuilding fishing tools, milling, drilling jar and down hole equipment welding tungsten carbide.

3-testing and inspection drilling pipes, repair thread, cut and new connection and phosphate.

4- procurement and making of spare parts and down hole motors, accessories jar.

5-fishing & drilling string tools spare parts procurement & post sales services.


6-Repairing all API thread belong to Drilling parts such as:

  • Drill collar
  • Drill pipe
  • Heavy weight drill pipe
  • NMDC
  • Down hole Motors and jars part
  • Special connection
  • Changing connection, changing head, designing, making manufacture for all tool joint

7-Repairing Drilling stabilizers:

  • Resize and grinding
  • Hard facing
  • Repair threads

8-Repair and service all type of down hole jars and mud motors:

  • Disassemble and service
  • Prepare seal kits
  • Supply and manufacture spare parts

9-Hard banding for Drill pipes.

10-Repairing Shop equipment such as Break out unit and jar tester

11-Repairing and service all oil field diesel engine.

12-Repair, Service and troubleshooting of Wire line and slick line off shore units.

13-Supply wire line Pressure equipment (PCE) spare parts

14-Service and repair Wire line Pressure control equipment (PCE), and test it.