Parstin Mehr Kish

History and market

Parstin Mehr Kish was established with the goal of supplying superior European products as well as providing high-quality after-sales services with large investments on recognition and contracting reliable overseas companies and introducing suitable products for commercial centers, hypermarkets and municipal and exhibitions.

Parstin Mehr Kish company partnering with Finnish Corporations and through utilizing its experiences for daily growth of sales and marketing networks and after-sales services, has become a trustworthy provider of the latest technologies of Europe in Iran.

Some of the company’s partners include:

Innorange: This company is one of the largest private companies in providing advanced counting technology and costumer behavioral analysis in Europe.

EL & Site: With cooperation of the Norwegian Company SATEMA, as one of the biggest producers of LED in Scandinavia, the company, producing manufactory electrical panel and manufactory lighting, became close partners of Parstin Mehr Kish company.

FLS Finland: This Company is the largest manufacturer of fuel price display in Europe gas stations and contractor of major oil companies such as B.p and Shell as well as the largest Parking Automation provider in Northern Europe.

After sales services

The Operation Department on Support Network provides optimal service to its nationwide customers by utilizing highly qualified experts.

This Department will work towards accelerating support services, as is its Costumers’ expectation, and will establish local representative offices in center of every province where Customers are located by the end of 2016.

These services are made via team activity and team-member participation who strive to reach their main mission of Costumers’ satisfaction through the best possible support to Customers.

Research and Development Department

R&D Department works to grow and improve the quality and quantity of the company’s services and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of internal and external stakeholders by effective research and by providing innovative solutions to transport world’s latest technology for our Customers.