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Establishing in 2005, Toptours group has started its activity with the goal of giving excellent services to Iran’s tourism industry. In this regard Toptour group has taken influential steps in tourism area by offering and holding professional training courses to its committed staffs and employees. Moreover, Toptours employees use their maximum effort to attract individual and group trust of their customers and also respond to their high expectations. Toptours tries not only to promote and improve institutional quality, profitability and credits at the global level, but also provides satisfying and valuable services in tourism industry area. Toptour’s philosophy is ” top tours the people choice.”


Todays’ travelers require a host who is able to cater to their desires with careful planning and pay attention to the details. In this regard, Top tours has started its activity with the goal of giving excellent services to tourism industry and the office is fully functioning and rendering all type of services, including hotel accommodation, transfers, sightseeing excursion, as well as a special department dedicated for the market.


  • Representative and chartering of Mahan air company
  • Representative and chartering of Kish air company
  • Representative and chartering of Zagros air company
  • Representative and chartering of Qeshm air company
  • Exclusive reservation executor of Dariush Grand hotel (5 stars) in Kish island
  • Reservation executor of Marina Park hotel (5 stars) in Kish island
  • Exclusive reservation executor of Dolphin park
  • Ticket exporter for all domestic and international flight routs
  • Ticket exporter for domestic flight worldwide
  • Organizer of internal and external travel tours
  • Organizer of especial tours for festivals, seminars and domestic and international conferences.
  • Providing visa services of different countries
  • Providing online reservation services using exclusive and specialized software.
  • Providing CIP and VIP formal services for travelers.


Worldwide hotel reservation

In order to raise the level of satisfaction of the customers worldwide, using the power of its foreign offices in different countries, Toptours groups provide services by which the customers can communicate with more than 95000 hotels around the world and do reservation according to budget and taste of each applicant and on the basis of facilities and location of hotels.

Tickets on domestic and international flights of Iran and the world

Toptours as sole executor of the majority of domestic and foreign airlines, use its special facilities to sell and issue tickets for all domestic and international lines without visiting in person.

Individual and group tours

providing different design travel packages in domestic and international routes, Top Tours present interesting and different plans to the customers. Also, the company enjoying years of experience and the best airlines and contracts with the interior and exterior hotels in three different classes, provide the best and most appropriate tour for its customers.