Pars Mica Kish has diligently strived to expand the commercial, residential, business and leisure spaces in Kish for more than a decade.

This company, fully aware of the island’s hidden potentials for international and domestic tourism, has engaged in constructions with international standards in order to take part in elevating quality of life in this island.  Business and residential tower of Mica, is a renowned project that Mica Kish has successfully delivered.  Mica Mall, now under construction is another ambitious project of this company that will serve as one of main attractions in Kish Island.


Mica Mall is the biggest retail and entertainment center in Kish Island. This mall is designed to bring new life into the tourism industry in this island eagerly for innovation.  The complex will have variety of unique outlets for fun and leisure, and will attract flow of curiosity and enthusiasm to the pulse of its activities.  Mica Mall has the most number of retail and commercial units, more than any other shopping center in Kish, so that it can satisfy the needs of all shoppers and visitors.

What really distinguishes Mica Mall; however, is the diversity of its activities that has no rival in all of the country.  Family members can choose appropriate activities according to their taste and ages to spend a joyful time together.  Most of these activities are being introduced for the first time in Kish and also in the region, making Mica Mall a new event on the island.

What Mica Mall wants to bring to its clients is a memorable time together for people and families with curiosity and a sense of innovation, the qualities that this project shares.  Mica Mall has the capacity to become an ideal destination for visitors and tourists who would come back again and again.  This project has been under study for a long time by experts in the field.  It is now under construction on a 35,000 meter squares lot with a foundation of 202,000 meter squares.  It will be the largest commercial center in Kish.


The amenities at Mica Mall are hand-picked from an array of shopping, fun, excitement, leisure, and recreational activities to suite every taste.  Mica Mall is above all is a place to enjoy family time.  Everything will be at your reach here, so that visitors always leave the place with a smile on their faces and the desire to come back.

Features and Activities: The cable car, Wind Tunnel, Aquarium, Rainforest, Ice Rink, Digital Golf, the discovery Club, Cinema Complex, The Amusement Centre, Bowling Alley, Play Centre for Kids, Hypermarket, The Spa, Fitness Club, Food and Beverages.

Things you don’t know about Pars Mica company

Pars Mica is continuously striving to reach new horizons.  With planning, design and construction of highest quality, this company had tried to create a modern style of shopping and entertainment and in result attract new clients and investors.

In addition to a team of consultants and contractors a well -known international company specialized in shopping malls, McArthur Company, a branding agency and a public relations agency have also collaborated with Mica Mall providing management and leadership making this a professional team at an international level.

Mica Kish is innovative with new collaborations creating new opportunities in Kish Island and believes that with cooperation any project can reach its highest rewards and lasting success.