Malakooti clothing



 Akbar Malakooti

Chairman of the board: Shahin Malakooti

Board members: Shahla Bahrami (wife of Mr. Malakooti) and Shahab Malakooti



Malakooti clothing was founded in 1977 by Mr. Akbar Malakooti with rich reserve of idea, plan and act along with long-term and clever goals. During 39 years of effort, business experience and planned steps and taking advantage of updated knowledge and technologies and also the most advanced methods by experienced designers, personnel training, benefiting from capable and committed staff, this company has been able to progress not only in design, modeling and production but also in sales and after-sales services alongside European standards.

Furthermore, the company’s brand was registered in Ministry of Commerce under the name of Shahin Malakooti Tehrani in 2014.

Market and products:

Malakooti’s products are one of the most famous brands of clothing for women in Iran, which produces various kinds of women’s clothes. The company’s products are released across the country under the name of “Malakooti brand “. Clothes go through different stages of production, textile coloring, design, sewing, etc. in the Malakooti factories and workshops. Motherly coverage in high size, introduce Malakooti brand as unrivaled in clothing field. In addition, due to tourism situation of its store, it tries to meet all tastes in supplying its services. In 1992 Akbar Malakooti benefiting from a very creative idea in holding sales, created long lines in the early hours of morning in front of the stores. The main designers of this brand are Ms. Katayoun Alef and Neda Moarefi. In addition, Malakooti brand has the honor of working with Ms. Mahtab Keramati and Rana Azadi. Now, Malakooti clothing, with three specialized workshops and six stores in Tehran and Kish island, dozens of agencies in cities, exporting its products to some countries in the region and about 250 personnels are ready to provide different services in clothing area.


  • Establishing production facilities in Turkey and receiving award of superiority from Turkish government.
  • Recording mark of Iranian production on products
  • Receiving award of top domestic producer and business entrepreneur
  • Receiving honorary doctorate of business administration from Golden State University in Cyprus
  • Receiving award of brand management
  • Receiving award of postmodern management in 2016
  • Publishing Entrepreneurship book by Akbar Malakooti (founder of Malakooti clothing)


Recent development

  • Construction of the fifth workshop of Malakooti brand as well as professional accessories in Kish Island


Unit 145, 2nd floor, Pardis mall 2, Kish island

Tell: +98 76 44456574

Tehran branches:

Golestan mall

Safavie shopping center

Gandi street

Tandis shopping center