Li-Ning, as one of the top producers of sporting goods in China, mainly supplying footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for professional purposes, has been established in 1990 and has various sections including brand marketing, research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution and retail. In Iran, Li-Ning has been established by the first brand exhibition with an area of 230 meters in Kish Trade Center in less than six months. In this regard, Li-Ning values specialized products, in particular sport shoes such as Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and Running and also sports and non-sports clothing to gain customer trust and satisfaction. Followed by, Li-Ning company attracted many competent agencies and representation in several provinces and is in close competition with other similar competitive brands.


In January 2010, Li-Ning established its central building and headquarter store in Portland, America. In the same year, the company introduced a new logo and a new approach as part of sports brand revitalization. Although Li-Ning logo is somehow similar to Nike logo, its design is based on the L and N letters in the name of the company. Also in January 2011, Li-Ning started its partnership with American company named Aquity group to develop, distribute and introduce more of its brand. In addition to Li-Ning brand, this company perform production, development, marketing, distribution and sale of other sports brands such as Double-happiness, AIGLE and Lotto.

Li-Ning sneakers sector has grown substantially over the past few years and the company’s main product lines include Basketball shoes called “Flying Armor” and sport shoes called “Flying Fazer”. In march 2006, Li-Ning 001 limited edition shoe was introduced. This was the first time that a Chinese sports brand released shoes with limited production for sale.

Li-Ning strategy relies more on sponsorship contracts particularly with athletes and sports teams in China and other countries. In 2006, Li-Ning signed a strategic partnership agreement with National Basketball Association of America (NBA), Professional Tennis player Union, China Basketball Association Union and China University Football League. In addition, Li-Ning supplied sportswear of Argentine National Basketball team in international events including the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Olympics. Moreover, since 2004, sportswear of Spain Basketball National team has been supported by Li-Ning.

Li-Ning has a co-operation agreement with some famous faces of America’s basketball such as “Baron Davis”, “Shaquille O’Neill”, “Damon Jones”, “Jose Calderon” and “Evan Turner”. Shaquille O’Neal signed a four-year contract worth $ 1.25 million with Li-Ning Company in 2006 which was considered as the biggest deal of the company. Since 2012, “Dwayne Wade” who worked with Jordan, has also begun to work with Li-Ning.

Recent developments

Fully realized Li-Ning’s recognition, Iran’s National Olympic Committee selected Li-Ning brand for athletes’ sportswear in Rio Olympic Competitions. Also in new season of Premier League, Esteqlal football team, uses Li-Ning for their sportswear and clothing.


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