Kohan Choob


Kohan Choob company


Kohan Choob Industrial Group has been founded in 1992 and since then developed to a significant brand in cabinetry and wooden decoration industry through employing professional staff.

Kohan Choob has started modernization and mechanization of most steps in production pipeline recently, to raise the quality of products.

Looking at the history of the company, several successful accomplishments over a period of 24 years can be seen not only in Iran but also in neighbor countries such as Tajikistan. The company has always welcomed new challenges to put the limitations further, enhance the capability of staff and fulfill the needs of clients, regarding the remarkable increase in property price, the way that Kohan Choob integrate needs of Clients, requirements and smart space revitalization made the company an industry leader.


Maryam Hotel: Kish Island

Sadaf Hotel: Kish Island

Ghasr Aidin Hotel: Mashhad

Azadi hotel: Zahedan

Some parts of Axis Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport Hotel

Residential and Official Complexes:

Middle East Almas-e-Ghoo, Residential Project: Salman Shahr

Zanjani Residential Complex Project, Shahrak Gharb, Tehran

Jey Sheer Residential Units: Esfahan

Kamraniyeh Tower: Fereshteh, Tehran

Twin Towers: Kish Island

Sepehr Koohsangi, 100 Residential- Official Units, Mashhad

Other Unique Projects:

No. 2 Kish hospital: Kish Island

Chamran Sport Complex: Tehran

Some parts of Shahid Beheshti Airport: Mashhad

Some parts of Water Park: Mashhad

Some parts of Elizeh Project: Mashhad

Tourism Bank, Official Project, Tehran-Seoul: Tehran


No. 43, 2nd Sanaat, Derakht-e-Sabz Industrial Zone, Kish Island.

Phone:   07644473139

Fax:        07644473143

Fanavary-e-Bartar Industrial Zone, Sanaat Blvd., Mashhad.

Phone:    05132400122