Kish investment and development company


Kish investment and development company


Kish investment and development company has started to work in Kish Island since 1999 aiming at identifying investment opportunities. The company has taken targeted and programmed steps to achieve a leading position in the field of development of island and provided diversified investment services according to the law and regulations of free trade- Industrial zone.

Considering the activities from previous years so far represents success in the path of sustainable development and through providing the required structures and expanding investment this success will continue in the coming years. Moreover, considering the necessity of recovery and process of attracting investments in economic growth and planning, the approach of investment and development company is creating value for all stakeholders of Kish Island.

The company’s future plans are development, more profits for investors and customers, creating jobs and increasing revenue for the island community and country’s economy. In order to achieve these goals, the company honors friendships, identifies hardships as inherent element of every move, believes in hope, and considers creation of value as aesthetic.

The main activities of Kish Investment and Development company

  • Investment in all development activities in partnership with other investors
  • Identifying, attracting and guiding domestic and foreign investors for optimum use of resources, facilities and capacities of the region and contribute to the promotion of industrial investment in Kish Free Trade-Industrial Zone
  • Transfer of certain and leased real estate to investors and economic activists competent
  • Providing medical insurance to employees of Kish Free Zone Organization and subsidiaries and their families
  • Management and Leadership of International Convention Center and International Exhibition Hall