Kish Industries Syndicate

Kish Industries Syndicate


The syndicate of “Kish Industrialists Union” is a non-political employers’ guild with legal personality ،this was registered on 1387/01/19 under registration number 31at Kish Free Zone Company and industrial and intellectual property ownership registration office.

Objectives of the Kish Industrialists Union include:
– Protect the rights and interests of industrialists based in Kish Island

– Coordination with relevant organizations in Kish Island

– Navigate to develop the industry through technical support, training, information, advertising and marketing services

– Improve the quality of products through national and international standards in order to compete with similar products of domestic and foreign production

– Collect data and statistics and scientific and technical evaluation of products and members

– Coordination between industrialists, government agencies or government-relatedorganizations as well as national institutions in relevant matters one way or another intervention or linked.

-Holding conferences, publications, essays, and library establishment

– Holding educational classes

– Provide guidance for industrialists and coordinate their work with each other and their conformity with the common principles in advanced countries

– Formation of specialized nuclei and unions to advance the goals and solve the problems of members

– Engaging in any act that is in any way related to the activities of the Union of industrialists

Nationality, Headquarters and Field of activities:
The nationality of Kish Industrialists Union is Iranian and its headquarters is located inunit 605, sixth floor, Sadaf tower,  Kish island, Iran. been established for an unlimited period of time.
Membership in the Kish industrialists Union: All rightful and legal persons who are directly employed in the industrial activitiesof island or provide services in this respect, can be a member of the Kish Industrialists Union.
Union members:  Kish industrialists union membership volunteers are classified into two groups based on the volunteers terms and conditions at the time of application as following:
A) The original members: Include rightful and legal persons who have valid license of manufacturing or assembly design and are manufacturers.

  1. B) Associate Members: Rightful and legal person provider of services for industries such as engineering design, quality control, technology formulation, and other manufacturers in this field and also other manufacturers lacking original membership eligibility. Each member can ask the board for transferring to the intended group by adapting their conditions.

Rights and obligations of the Union: All members of the Kish Industrialists Unionare entitled to equal rightsexcept for the right of board membership which is particularly original members’ right, these include:

1-Participating in board members and auditors’ election. 2-Participating in General Assembly meetings

3- Using common services of the union. 4-Participating in specialized committees and work groups in order to evaluate and propose suggestions for members’ benefits or professional matters.

5-Carrying out the tasks that have been carefully chosen for, to do bya committed and faithful representative

6-Cooperation and coordination with the specialized committees and work groups and organs of the union in order to improve planning and access to union goals. 7-Implementation of legal decisions taken by the general assembly and board. 8-Timely payment of dues and financial obligations to members based on syndicate’s guarantees

Financial resources of the Union
§An annual membership fee to be received from members.
§Voluntary donation of members
§Rights of authorized services and activities approved by the board.

Kish industries investment and housing company was established in 2003 by Kish industrial union to promote the level of capital profits in industrial sector and make commercial and economic activities targeted.