kish community of investors and entrepre- neurs’ introduction


Kish community of investors and entrepreneurs is a non-political and non-profit formation which was founded on October, 31th, 2009 by a group of investors and pioneers of the field of economic and social activities of Kish and now most of influential and active Kish investors and entrepreneurs are the member of this community.
The community has put all its effort for facilitating investment in Kish Island by further engineering the processes and cooperation with Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) on problem solving in economic, social and cultural affairs of Kish, promotion of knowledge, skills and the development of appropriate social indicators and standards.

The main tasks of the Community

  1. Efforts to advocate the rights and professional interests of the members by proposal and cooperation in economic and social fields and attracting KFZO support
  2. Create the necessary conditions in community to hold the authority of some socio-economic activities which are transferable to the private sector in accordance with the provisions
  3. Effective collaboration with KFZO to draw up or amend the rules and regulations for the Island’s economic and social activities
  4. Efforts to improve and extend the business environment and entrepreneurship
  5. Communicate with specialized international institutions such as the International Covenant on Free Zones, the World Federation of Free Zones and so on
  6. The creation of a joint venture established associations with other free zones of the country and the world
  7. Efforts to attract and guide Iranian institutions and industrial and commercial companies, abroad to invest in the Island
  8. Holding the organization of national and international forums related to investment and entrepreneurship

  1. Producing facts, statistical data and reports on the process of investment and the market and finance research in Island and evaluation of the effect of growth or recession of new investments

  1. Planning and holding of periodic meetings with associate principals of KFZO in order to exchange ideas and work division on agreed subjects
  2. 11. Efforts to form socio-cultural clubs compliant with regulations.

Structure of the community

Powered by the Board of Trustees consists of seven members and two substitute members to be operated and has four two-year periods has elapsed Association and members of the Board of Trustees and inspectors’ periods of Association as follows:

First period: Hamid Reza PoorGhzi (Chairman) Reza Ataie (vice-chairman), Hossein Shirazi Manesh (Secretary General), Ahmed Ketabforoush (treasurer) and Mustafa Ebrahimi, Nasrollah Zargham and Mohsen Gharib nearly as Member and Mr. Mojtaba Haqyryan and Akbar Hassanshahi as inspector alternate members

Home inspectors Faramarz Hamadani and alternate inspector Mr Arsalan Ghorbani.

Second period: Mustafa Ebrahimi (Chairman), Reza Ataie (vice-chairman), Shirazi Manesh (Secretary General), Ketabforoush (treasurer) and the Board of Trustees Mr. ZARGHAM, Masoud Behbahani and Mohsen Gharib as Member and Mr. Farrokh Jabari and Nader Keshtkar alternate members.
Home inspectors Faramarz  Hamadani and alternate inspector Mr Arsalan Ghorbani.

Third period: Board of Trustees Mr. Mostafa Ebrahimi (Chairman), Masoud Behbahani (Vice Chairman), Mohsen Gharib (Secretary General), Ahmed Ketabforoush (treasurer) and Mojtaba Hqyryan, Reza Ataie, Nosratollah Zargham Member and Mr. Farrokh Jabari and Ali Saduq are alternate members of the Board of Trustees.
Home inspectors Mr Arsalan Ghorbani and alternate inspector Mr Bahador Jorjani

Fourth period: Mr. Mostafa Ebrahimi (Chairman), Javad Salmasi (Vice-President), Mohsen Gharib (Secretary General), Ahmed Ketabforoush (treasurer) and the Members of the Board of Trustees: Mr. Nasrallah Hatami and Vahid Sabaghyan alternate members Board of Trustees: Mr. Babak Asadzadeh Shahir famous and Jalil Hejazi
Home inspectors Mr. Arsalan Ghorbani and alternate inspector Mr. Ali Sadogh.