Kish Buggy


Buggy recreational complex has been established in 2008 in an area of 6000 square meters by the private sector managed by Mr. S. Jirbandi Under the supervision of Deputy of Sports as the first buggy resort in Iran.

Motor sports are among the most attractive and most exciting sports and alsovery popular among young people. Many professional sports tournaments in the world are formed based on motor sports and one of the most popular motor sports is driving a buggy car.

Motor sports refer to a type of sport that use vehicles such as automobiles, motorcycles, ATV and karting. Such sports are sometimes for entertainment and sometimes in the form of competitions.

although racing and motorcycling has popularity and great excitement among the young population, for most people it is associated with the risk of serious injury. But if we look carefully at this issue, we find out that imagining motor sports as risky is partly wrong.

According to some unofficial statistics and research in some countries, the risk of sports such as football, cycling, skiing and some martial arts is far more than car racing.

A buggy car is a recreational vehicle with large wheels and wide tires which is designed for desert sand and sandy path and generally its engine is located on an open chassis.

climbing sand Buggy (beach) usually has three types of design:

  • The first category is made without changing the car like the Volkswagen Beetle. In fact, due to the placement of engine at the rear and its air cooling, the Volkswagen Beetle is considered appropriate for buggy.
  • The second category have rod chassis which is suitable for rugged paths. The advantage of this type of buggy car is that the builder can repurchase the car and is able to arbitrarily impose changes, for example, on the suspension. This kind of buggy car is also called Sandryl and many brands produce this type of car in the world.
  • The third type of buggy is made mostly of out of use or accident cars.

Now, the current buggy cars are Made of Peru bypass Reader brand of Taiwan which is of the second group and has European standards.

Buggy cars are offered in two classes for children (12-6) and adults and users are given the necessary training by qualified trainers.

This collection is open to automotive enthusiasts to drive standard buggy cars in an attractive environment in winding and rugged path with a length of 400 meters.

In addition, the collection has ancillary facilities including billiard, table football and a coffee shop that is offered in a green environment with unique architecture


The key activities of this collection is holding sports recreation and ecotourism tours with buggy double vehicles off-road cars leading tourists to the scenic areas.

Tours with special and unique programs having professional photographers and stations catering for tourists creates memorable moments.

Now, Buggy collection is working with the objectives of promoting motor sports skills from an early age and also making a close relationship between tourists and natural beauty of the island, making tourist familiar with the vegetation types of birds and visit various animal habitats.

Address: Next to Shadab cottages, in front of Hormoz service mall, Kish island, Iran

Tell: 07693112737