Kish Beton jonoob Co

Kish Beton Jonoob Kish Co.

(KBJ) owned by Ayanehsaz Pension Fund was incorporated in 2001 with the aim to supply High quality ready mixed concrete as well as precast concrete parts in accordance with the International Standards in Kisk Island. Through the years, KBJ has always tried to improve the production process and diversify its Products. Today, Kish Beton Jonoob Co. holds a leading position in the Industry and known as the major supplier of Ready Mixed Concrete, Precast Concrete Elements, investment in development projects and a prominent Construction contractor in Kish Island.

Kish Beton Activity Lines

1- Ready mix concrete.

2- Lightweight concrete briquettes

3-Landscaping Projects

4-Precast paving concrete interlocks

5- Precast-pretention concrete slabs (Hollow Core)

6- Construction projects contractor.

7-Investment in construction of housing and commercial complexes


Central office: No.48, Roudaki St., Khayam Blvd., Kish island

Tell: +98 76 44467092-5

Fax: +98 76 44467091

Factory: No.18, 3rd industrial phase, Melal Sq., Kish island

Tell: +98 76 44420566-7

Fax: +98 76 44454912