Kish Air



Kish Air is established in 1990 with the aim of developing activities in beautiful Kish Island by making connections between center of Iran provinces and with the states on the margin of Persian Gulf.

Having been registered and having received statutory licenses, the Airline as a subsidiary company of Kish Free Zone Organization in the form of a private joint stock company started its activity with two leased aircraft, in June of the same year.

Parallel with passing successfully the two preliminary phases named “Reconsideration and Development” started in the late 1998. At the time, Kish Air had 10 leased aircraft at its disposal, which included Yak 40 and Topolov 154 but facing change in the Central Bank foreign currency policies, lack of foreign currency allotment and increase of hard currency exchange rates made it impossible for the Kish Air to meet minimum guarantee flight hours of leased aircraft. Thus in order to prevent possible loss, the numbers of leased aircraft were reduced, and instead the flight hours of the remaining aircraft were increased. This was the fourth phase of operation that is the phase of adopting new strategies for getting out of the crisis.

High rate of leased aircraft along with constant fluctuation in foreign currency exchange rate persuaded Kish Air to pursue more than before the idea of purchasing aircraft.

The lofty horizons of the company in achieving full independence, entrepreneurship and safety promotion were the other reasons led to decision for purchasing aircraft. It leads to have Iranian crew and do engineering affairs inside the country.

Kish Air at the fifth phase of its history and in order to meet passengers’ requirements and making them satisfied, has been able to develop its new strategy, which in turn has resulted in extension of its own fleet and replacement of west manufactured aircraft in place of eastern made aircraft and now the company has 7 Boeing MD, 3 Fokker 100, 2 Airbus A321 and 2 Airbus A320.

At present the airline meeting all required international standards is IATA member and the first Iranian airline that obtained IOSA Certificate.

Kish Air personnel, having been aware of their potential to give due services to customers have made every effort to achieve the Companies objectives. They, by the favors of the Almighty God, have been able to have a sincere and friendly environment as the first step and to satisfy the passengers, as the second.

Future Perspective

Therefore, in line with the progress being made for reaching the future horizon and higher level’s a perspective has been drawn up both qualitatively and quantitatively, which inter alia encompass the following:

  • Helping endurable development in the beautiful Kish Island.
  • Realization of Comprehensive Plan and the 2025 Perspective document targets.
  • The development of narrow body and wide-body fleet through the purchase aircraft.
  • Covering all free zone regions and meeting air transportation needs.
  • Enhancing safety coefficient of the fleet, technical equipment, network.
  • Extending the flight network in both domestic and international routes according to connect to Kish Island.
  • Proceeding to conduct all affairs based on electronic bases.
  • Extending cooperation in technical an operational issue with other aviation stakeholders.

Recent development and improvements

In line with the “Government of Prudence and Hope” policy to fulfill its objectives and to develop tourism industry, the Kish airline company has considered increasing in the number of domestic and international passengers as a priority. Therefore, due to Kish Free Zone Organization’s CEO emphasis on developing its air transport fleets and improving the level of quality and quantity of tourism services, the CEO of Kish airline company has put purchasing 10 new airplanes at the top of its agenda, thankfully so far, succeeded to buy 4 Airbus airplanes in the past 8 months and is determined to accomplish the developing of its planes to buy 10 new airplanes perfectly and as soon as possible. It should be noted that the two Airbus A321 aircraft purchased by Iran, which were mad in 2007, are considered as the newest Airbus of the country’s air transport fleet. However, this company also succeeded to enhance the aircraft movement to Kish Air flight network, plus by 100 percent increase in the number of daily flights this year. It has been able to allocate, more than 50 percent from the takeoffs and landings in Kish airport. With regard to maintain customer orientation principle and to gain passengers satisfaction, the management of Kish Airline company has arranged to reduce its flight delays through studying and determining the causes of flight delays and managing avoidable flight delays too. So that according to the statistics provided by the Statistics and Information Center of Iran Airports Company, the Kish Air company has won the first, the second and the third place in terms of lowest flight delays among 14 domestic airlines in each month of this year. Meanwhile the Kish Air company is pleased to achieve the satisfaction of maximum number of its passengers by making changes in the quantity and quality of its inflight catering.