Hali Kish

Hali Kish company


Javaheri trading Company started its activity in fruit exports to Europe and import of forklifts since 1987.

Obtaining the necessary permits from Kish Free Zone Organization, the company established Hali Kish as one of its subsets in 2001 and also constructed refrigerator in Kish Island with the management of Mr. Omid Nasrpour to export fruits to Persian Gulf countries and import chocolate and coffee and food and washer from Europe.

Hali Kish company using its capacities in management and customer-satisfaction ability, has become one of the largest importer and distributor of first grade European food in Kish Island and has managed the best maintenance and supply for perishable food using facilities such as cold storage and modern equipment.


Due to its brilliant records in export and import and providing evidence on company’s customer orientated ability, Hali Kish company obtained official representative of brands such as Kruger from Germany and Finny from Spain and now it is one of the most active and strongest importer and distributor of chocolate, coffee, espresso, juice, tea, kitchen products and detergents.

Krueger company manufactures a variety of foods such as chocolate and coffee and also operates in the field of pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements. Obtaining official representative of the Krueger company, brought up Holly Kish company the possibility to supply various products for Iranian market. Some of these products are flavored and delicious milk tea, varied Cappuccino in 500 gr to 1 kg packages, hot chocolate and fat-free chocolate, breakfast chocolate with vegetable oil, powdered milk, espresso and unique and classy European pharmaceutical additives.

Finney company is active in the field of food such as European pastilles and chewing gum. One of the benefits of Finney pastilles is that they have no gluten and is beneficial for people who have digestive problems. Moreover, some of these products are oil-free.


Hali Kish company has three booths in the best shopping centers in Kish Island and all three branches sell food with high standard and quality and unit price.


Hali Kish company is ready to make contract with private companies and government agencies to provide food for conferences, conventions, celebrations.


Unit 72, ground floor, Pardis II                         tell: +98 76-44456445

Unit 204, 1rst floor, pardis II                             tell: +98 76-44456722

Unit 51, Iran line, Morvarid shopping center   tell:  +98 76-44458251