Eghtesad Kish newspaper

Eghtesad Kish newspaper


Eghtesad Kish newspaper is the first cultural-social-media newspaper in Kish Island which has started its activity in 1998 and now is known as the notification pole in Kish Island.

Eghtesad Kish newspaper activities include the following:

  • Eghtesad Kish widely circulated newspaper
  • Monthly published paper
  • Eghtedas Kish weekly requirements
  • Eghtesad Kish yearbook
  • Anita magazine for Kish Island children


Eghtesad Kish newspaper with a history of 18 years of activity in Kish Island as the first publication and the most progressive legal instrument in the field of information and media in Kish Free Zone, began its activity in 1998 aiming at contributing to cultural development and dissemination of news and events and now it is published with 16 full-color pages with various appendices on a daily basis. Eghtesad Kish newspaper, releasing news and events of the island and the region, expressions of functions and problems of island, operates as the interface between people, investors, managers and directors of Kish Free Zone in order to contribute to the prosperity and development of the island. Over this period, regarding the needs of the island, it is upgraded from monochrome to full-color publication and from 4 pages to 16 pages daily. Continuous and uninterrupted publication and on time news and activities reflection, have caused this publication to become the first and most enduring publication and provide significant services to people and tourists. In addition to its daily publication, Eghtesad Kish newspaper provides annexes in the area of tourism, sports, children, women, culture, art and advertising releasing at different time. Publishing weekly paper, monthly paper and yearbook are of other activities of Eghtesad Kish newspaper.


Central office: Unit 715, block B3, 3rd floor, Morvarid villas, Ferdosi St, Kish island

Central office: +98 76 44484999

Fax: +98 76 44424968

Sarina office: +98 76 44468205

Fax: +98 76 44432860

Safein office: +98 76 44432860

Fax: +98 76 44432862