Diplomat Kish company


The founders of Diplomat Complex have started their activity in the field of investment and commerce since 1963 and after efforts taken in different parts of building industry and mass development as well as different kinds of trading, administration, residential, service, urban development and other utilizations, have been distinguished as active figures at private sector and in the field of entrepreneurship. Moreover, in the recent years, Diplomat Complex managed to complete operating its projects including residential apartments, and trading –administration units and to get engaged in transactions in firm of investment, it could register a noticeable return on investment and profiting in its activity. Diplomat Kish Company (Private Joint Stock) has been registered in Kish Department for Registration of Companies and Noncommercial Institutions according to the ratification of Business Department of Kish Free Zone Organization to have an utmost presence in mass development and house construction in particular.


Diplomat Residential Complex

Diplomat Residential Complex is located on one plot of land of 12000 m2 in one of the best places of Kish Island (Close to Zeitoun Trading Complex). Thanks to its specific location of Diploma Complex (its closeness to sea, shopping centers, markets and service centers) with distinguished spaces and unique, this Complex is differentiated from the rest. The said Complex has three towers of 17 floors. Each floor of the said towers enjoys 9 residential units (from 57 to 131 m2). Benefiting from expert and efficient engineers and technical staff and further to its specific structural and equipment characteristics meeting national building complex, this Complex enjoys unique interior and exterior architecture of high technical specifications.

Designers and executives of this Complex have paid close attention to details of design, choosing the best materials for different interior and exterior parts of apartments, lobbies, outer views, swimming pools, sauna, Jacuzzi, sport halls, elevators, assembly hall, play ground for kids, nursery different parts of space, parking lot and other private and public spaces.

Diplomat Trading and Administration Complex

Diplomat Trading and Administration Complex  has been developed in five floors on one plot of land of 4000 m2 with an outstanding design and exceptional location beside Diplomat Residential towers, which causes an excellent and special brilliance in the heart of the Kish Island.



Relying on its organizational efficiency, great technical know-how of its specialists and experts and by benefiting from the most appropriate and updated technologies of building industry and through full observance of economic rules and financial management, Diplomat Kish Company is one of the pioneers in great mass development projects and acts upon implementation of great mass development projects with highest quality through full observance of timetable in construction and accomplishment of the projects.


Diplomat Kish Company shall be known well as one of three top active companies involved in building and mass development of Kish Island by investment on construction projects of trading, administration, residential and substructure utilizations and benefiting from modern technologies, it promotes its position constantly. In consistent with this great goal, and through full observance of scientific and practical principles of economic management in investment process and emphasizing on its brand, this Company has provided noticeable benefits for its shareholders and customers.

Recent developments:

  • Investment in great real estate transactions and implementation of mass development projects
  • Benefiting from desirable and updated technologies in implementation and construction of mass development projects
  • Concentrating of decision making on investment in real estate and mass development projects
  • Counter-partnership of the company in projects and promoting relations with accredited investment resources in building and housing industry
  • Creating job positions and entrepreneurship and promoting the level of culture and social welfare

 Safin Trading Complex

Safin Trading Complex is located on the west lands of coastal strip of Kish Island opposite Arabha Bazaar. It enjoys seven floors of 270 units and is a perfect sample of a trading complex.


Unit 306, Diplomat Commercial-Administrative complex, Sahel Blvd, Kish island

Tell: +98 76 44461200-4

Website: www.diplomatkish.com