Civil, Water and Services company

Civil, Water and Services company

Civil, Water and Services company of Kish Free Zone as the executive arm of Kish Free Zone Organization and its inherent responsibility for providing desirable urban services, construction and infrastructure services, preparation and provision of sports facilities, continuous improvement of public transport services through infrastructure development and computerizing public transportation system, put all its efforts to take up any of the duties appropriately and effectively.

In this regard, the company prioritizing infrastructure and important projects, aims to achieve higher capacities in commercial and tourism section and with an emphasis on beautiful construction and use of science and technology and implementation of web-based electronic infrastructure, takes step to improve the quality and quantity of services.


  • Meeting the needs and demands of tourists and inhabitants by creating the necessary mechanisms and conditions.
  • Continuous communication with inhabitants and tourists in order to obtain feedback with the aim of gaining satisfaction and continuous improvement
  • Promoting knowledge and skills of employees through training in order to provide more effective services to inhabitants and tourists

The most important actions

  • Construction of cultural, religious, social, educational and sport complex
  • Preparation of settlements, infrastructure, water and wastewater infrastructure, environmental initiatives, waste, development of green spaces and urban lighting
  • Hendorabi island development projects (infrastructure installation, infrastructure, administrative buildings, hotels, etc.)
  • Development of green space to annual rate of over 80 hectares
  • Providing municipal services including cleaning, collecting and transporting waste covering an area of approximately one million and six hundred thousand square meters in the island
  • Production of three million cubic meters of wastewater per year and its use in irrigation of green spaces Kish Island
  • Design, supply, implementation and development of lighting projects of public places and beautification of urban spaces in approximately 50 km long
  • Planning, licensing and supervision of construction projects taking advantage of integrated electronic services equivalent to current regulations of Kish Free Zone Organization with an average of one million square meters per year
  • Holding Camps and international sporting events in all fields including Squash World Championships, Asian Snooker Championship, world tour of beach volleyball, tennis World Cup, Asia Cup of table tennis tournament, wushu Pars Cup, wrestling of Takhti Cup, Asian Championship of Boxing, international open water swimming, Asian championships of Karate and national championships
  • Monitoring activities of Alghadir private schools in different levels of education
  • Monitoring public transportation system, including minibus and taxi
  • Safety and fire-fighting services based on updated standards