Boresh Beton Sahand


Amini contractor started its activity in 1972 covering Tabriz airport hangar and was approved by the employer in terms of quantity and quality and participated in many different construction projects and achieved success in their accomplishment. In 2000 the contractor become a powerful group of construction and performance using previous experiences and established Amini industrial group and finally in 2009 Boresh Beton Sahand company was registered having all the special and exclusive facilities. During 2001-2002 the company was able to produce reinforced concrete cutting machines for the first time in Iran and was able to compete with all similar foreign devices and was sometimes more efficient than the foreign samples.

Boresh Beton company’s activities:

  • Reinforced concrete cutting
  • Circular reinforced concrete cutting up to 25 meters in required diameter, thickness and length
  • Perpendicular concrete cutting to the required thickness
  • Concrete demolition at high volumes with automatic devices
  • Concrete building destruction without compressor and without noise and vibration and damage to adjacent building or their installation
  • Implementation of drilling and poles foundation in rocky and mountainous areas with automatic devices made by the company for the first time in Iran.
  • Destruction of the mountains surrounding cities and homes, without noise and vibration and damage to adjacent buildings with exclusive devices made by the company for the first in Iran.
  • Full implementation and installation of steel structures.
  • Full implementation of industrial concrete structures such as bridge, petrochemical refinery, power station.
  • Design and manufacture of industrial concrete forms, including fixed formats, tunnel barrier
  • Design and manufacture of industrial machinery such as guillotine and bending steel plates and anti-fire elevator in building.
  • Implementation and installation of panels without scaffolding and cranes for the first time in Iran.
  • Implementation of the cover sheets of any necessary size and shape.
  • Implementation and installation of Flushing at work with the best quality.
  • Construction of all forms of Jounghan dam and full implementation of civil section.
  • Implementation of hangars of Tabriz airport warplanes.
  • Design and construction of part of forms of Foulad Mobarakeh Isfahan refinery.
  • Implementation of all MBDTs of Nishabur stations with a tolerance of 1 mm.


So far, the company has invented 82 kinds of industrial machine and put them in use for construction projects. This invention made the company needless of foreign countries.

An example of the company’s inventions is manufacturing 250-tonne mobile crane being able to pick up the pieces for the first time in Iran to change ports’ dockets on the order of Iran’s shipping ports.


Central office: Unit 1, No.24, eastern 7th alley, Shahid Salehi St, Laleh Blvd., Tehransr,Tehran

Telefax: +98 21 44549337