Behsaz Kish company

Behsaz Kish company


Behsaz Kish company (limited) founded by Mr. Ahmed Ketabforoush in 1996 and registered in 1997 in Companies’ Registration Office, is a construction company focusing on Kish Free Zone.

Behsaz Kish issues:

  • Supplying manufacture building materials for constructional projects
  • Investment and construction of residential complexes – Services – Commercial – Industrial
  • Investing and participating in construction projects
  • Building Contracting (construction materials – contract management, design and implementation)
  • Providing technical and engineering services (design – compute and run)

Founding and establishing subset private companies include:

Kish International consulting engineers – Kish International Trade Point – Kish International East Asia – Parmisn Negin Kish Company (production and manufacture of furniture) –  Parmis company Aras (production equipment Hotel) – Robina Kish Company (producers of gold and silver artifacts) Co-flotation Kish- Navid devise and supply Kish (financial services and audit) – Behsaz Abineh Kish (building contractors).


  1. Construction field:
  2. Investment and construction of 42 housing units in settlements shells between 1997 to 2000
  3. Founder and board member of the staff of Kish Industries Investment & Housing co. (Persian Beach Towers 2) from 2003 till now
  4. Founder and board member of Kish Industries Investment & Housing co (investor and Constructive of the Persian Towers) from 2004 till now
  5. contracting and contract management more than 25,000 square meters of construction projects with industrial applications, services, and residential exposures
  6. The investment and construction of industrial units, manufacturing of building materials, furniture industry, artifacts, jewelry manufacturing unit in Kish Free Zone and hotel facilities in Aras Free Zone
  7. Supply and distribution of building materials:
  8. Official distributer and sale manager of Sufian cement company from 1996 till 1998
  9. First distributer of Isfahan Steel company in Kish island from 1999
  10. Major distributer of Hormozgan cement company
  11. Exclusive distributer and After sales services of Arian Pazhang Tabriz Kish UPVC door and window company
  12. Supply all the necessary building materials projects
  13. Exclusive distributer of OPPCZNO and CERSANIT Ceramic and Tile company
  14. Exclusive distributer of SATRAP and SPINA Yazd Persepolis Ceramic and Tile company
  15. Exclusive distributer of Oxin Sanat anti-thief door in Iran free zones


Centralized management of the company and group subsidiaries through the establishment of holding companies and more specialized activities in various spheres and branding And elevating the status of sub-national corporations, regional and expand their activities and access to the international market is the company’s first priority for coming three years .