Behkish mall owner & executive


Established in 2011, Soorbon Kish company, used shared experiences of a number of civil and construction associates and enjoyed the materials and spiritual capital in order to develop qualitative and quantitative projects and further enhance cohesion of the system. in the first step the company did feasibility study for Behkish service and commercial project and after the necessary assessment took action on purchasing project land and obtaining the necessary permits in 2012.

Of the benefits of this project are suitable geographical position of this projects, providing modern and functional design for Behkish and considering all the required facilities for providing desirable environment for customers.


  • Soorbon company is a symbol of confidence in construction and sale of property in Kish island
  • The company is the best building constructor and the first choice in Kish island


  • Purchasing and sailing of land and building management, design and manufacture of commercial, service, administrative and residential complex


Being leader, observing consumer’s right, respect for the environment and sustainable development, doing construction systematically, respect and trust, expanding cooperation and empathy, maintaining a balance between the interest of company, the buyer and the seller, working based on standards of developed countries, accountability, respect for magnificent work.


  • Customer care and customer satisfaction
  • Creating confidence in buyers and sellers of property
  • Construction based on customer needs and world standards
  • Observing laws and regulations relating to construction and dealing
  • Continuous improvement of process
  • Efforts to reduce construction time and providing services


  • Use of experts in sales, designs and constructions
  • Use of the best materials and the most up to date technology in building construction
  • Taking into account customer preferences and their financial capacity
  • Supervision and control over buying and selling done in the office
  • The use of qualified contractors for construction
  • Convenient notification to customers
  • Commitment to obligations of the contracts
  • Upgrading and improving human capital capabilities
  • Use of customer comments and complains as soon as possible without any moral or material costs.


Behkish mall, Iran Blvd., Kish island

Tell: +98 76 44426085-7

Fax: +98 76 44426089