Atlas exchange

Atlas exchange


Atlas Currency Exchange has been established in 2013 as a global services company with long history of collaboration including trade with eminent banks, prestigious companies and petrochemical incorporations all across the world.

Atlas Currency Exchange distinguishes itself from the competitors by offering competitive rates of exchange for global currencies and unparalleled service. Also, using the transfer license in Dubai, the company minimizes the impact of time.

Achievements and recent development:

  1. Exchanging all currencies in shortest time
  2. Urgent intra- bank transfers
  3. Issuing travelling Visa Card
  4. Transferring money via SWIFT and western union.
  5. Providing advices to all subscribers on all currency matters
  6. Having a website providing information on exchange and banking
  7. Providing formal invoices to customers
  8. Buying and selling currency in cash and transferring currency inside and outside of country through issuing money orders

Issuing money orders via swifts

 Most of the foreign exchange transfers requested by customers accomplishes through the SWIFT system and the origin of domestic banks in the system of currency transfer of Atlas exchange.

Things you don’t know about Atlas exchange:

  • Buying and selling Iran’s currency, Rial, in the global market and helping to maintain its value.
  • Buying or selling currency at a fraction of a second in global markets, only with one click and the lowest cost.
  • Using the best rate of supply and demand in dealing results in rate stability, peace and security.




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