Arta Kish


Arta Kish


Arta Kish, as the largest and the most famous coffee and chocolate company in Iran, imports and distributes all kinds of chocolate, coffee, tea, juices, beverages (energy drink and green tea).


Arta Kish established its first branch of international market in 1991 importing chocolate from Germany (Mauxion) and Turkey (Nestle) and gradually added other products and expanded the scope of its activities and the number of its branches and employees to 17 branches and 120 employees in markets, shopping malls and five star hotels.

Achievements and recent development:

So far the company has been selected as the premier company in 2010, 2012, and 2016 by Shopkeepers and Businessmen Association(SENAK) and Kish Free Zone organization, top entrepreneur in 2014 and premier customer oriented company in 2015 by Board of Iran Commerce and National Association for Consumer Right Protection of Islamic parliament. In addition, the company always has been trying to satisfy more customers with the philosophy of “superior products for superior generation” providing high-quality and tasty products. In order to be able to have a two-way communication with their audience and listen to their feedbacks, suggestion and criticisms, Arta Kish arranged an item named ” voice of customer” and with the introduction of mobile numbers, the operators can directly and quickly give response to these feedbacks.

Regarding the customer orientation approach of the company, there is a card installed on booth entrance of all Arta Kish branches, written the famous slogan of ” all sold products will be taken back, even opened or eaten” allowing the unsatisfied customers to take back their payment or change their purchased products.

Arta Kish branches offer free taste of cappuccino, coffee and hot chocolate to its customer at all working hours (whether the customer inside or the customer in transit).

Moreover, Arta Kish participated in many exhibitions in recent years: Coffee Expo 2015, Agrofood and Foodex (the first exhibition of coffee and Barista in Iran).


Arta Kish licensed the exclusive representative of different products from Switzerland, German, Poland, Turkey and more.



In the last 9 years, the company awards luxury automobiles such as Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Valfa Romeo, rcz Peugeot Coupe and Fiat 500l by lottery each year to appreciate its customers and buyers.

The tenth grand award of Arta Kish is Opel Kaskada.

Arta Kish Branches:

  1. Unit 31, ground floor, Paradise mall 2 tell: 076-44456374
  2. Unit 4, Paradise mall 1 tell: 076- 44456018
  3. Unit 76, Paradise mall 1 tell: 076-44456358
  4. Unit 188, lottery circle, Kish Trade Center mall tell: 076-44452763
  5. Unit 51, 1rst floor, Kish Trade Center mall tell: 076-44452066
  6. Unit 179 & 180, 1rst floor, Paniz mall tell: 076-44420155
  7. Unit 75, Venus mall tell: 076- 44463346
  8. Unit 71, Morvarid shopping center tell: 076- 44458271
  9. Unit 1, Maryam mall tell: 076- 44455501
  10. Unit b1, Marjan mall tell: 076- 44466373
  11. Unit 18, Arabs mall tell: 076- 44430539
  12. Unit 71, Zeytun mall tell: 076- 44458271
  13. Unit b2 & b3, Eram grand hotel tell: 076-44446346
  14. Parmis grand hotel tell: 076-44468609
  15. Marina park grand hotel tell: 076-44465046
  16. Dariush grand hotel tell: 076-44443583
  17. Unit 109, Maryam shopping center tell: 076-44423039