Ansar bank


After the approval of central bank of Islamic republic of Iran to establish Ansar bank in early 2008, board of banking founders attempted to prepare strategic plans and framework. In this regard, bank’s statute plan was submitted to the central bank. After the adoption of the statute, the required coordination was taken with central bank lasted for three months and finally Ansar bank was registered in the Company’s Registration Office and Non-commercial Organization and started its activity as the eleventh private bank in Iran in 2009.

Helping to create a healthy competitive atmosphere, encouraging savings and investments, protecting the rights of investors, promoting economic development and growth are parts of the important issues that managers and employees of Ansar bank pay attention to.

Ansar bank currently offers a variety of modern banking services in more than 600 branches and 70 integrated counters.

Achievements and recent development

Ansar bank as a symbol of service and reliability, utilizing the capabilities, capacities and competencies to

  1. benefit from modern banking system
  2. benefit from efficient method of customer validation
  3. attract resources from especial customers
  4. have committed staffs and employees
  5. have reliable monitoring and control system
  6. be pioneer in the development of traditional loan

Banking services

  1. Foreign exchange services
  2. Payment system for traffic fines
  3. Modern banking system
  4. Modern stock services
  5. Authorized bank and credit institutions

Ansar bank Research Center

Ansar bank Research Center has been created as a subsidiary of research and development department in order to fulfill the vision and objectives in the research area. Due to the nature of missions of research and development department, organizing and managing research projects and establishing research priorities required by bank, supporting students’ theses and also publishing scientific journal of ” development of monetary and banking management” as the first scientific publication on the monetary and banking system of Iran are of responsibilities of this center. Holding the Secretariat of the Permanent Conference of ” Monetary and Banking Management Development, Ansar bank Research Center prepares a database of all researchers and practitioners in related areas.

Thing you don’t know about Ansar bank

Ansar bank in 1404 is a bank:

  1. Pioneer in the development of Islamic banking
  2. Adhere to the value of Islamic revolution in the field of economic justice
  3. Excellence in providing modern banking services.
  4. Having developed human capital
  5. Innovative and creator of new values for customers and other stakeholders