ANA Kish

ANA Kish Group of Companies

Ana group with more than 600 employees and outfitted offices in Iran, Turkey, China, Brazil, UAE and Australia ANA Group is one of the leading food processors supplying quality beef & chicken to a numerous whole seller across the Middle East and based on twenty-five years of industry experience, we have developed a reputation for quality, efficiency and innovation. These values run throughout the Food Group portfolio, and have been essential in making sure that we are able to deliver exactly what our customers are in need of.                                                                                       ANA group focuses on development of strong customer relationships by employing partnership approaches through multiple sectors of retail, foodservice, wholesale and processing.

Some of our business partners and agencies in the food sector are as follow:


  • To purchase and equipping of the only local cold store holding national standards with the capacity of 800 ton aiming to supply food stuff through the main consumers like hotels and restaurants beside assisting to market regulation in aim to meet the visitors and residential satisfaction
  • To set up the meat processing factory named Kish Protein in partnership with Dubai based factory of Al Islami to set up a modern processing plant of row protein products equipped mainly for fish supply launching soon
  • To make and set up beach restaurants of ANA and Kish Fried Chicken KFC
  • To import and produce EU originated kitchen on Turks in Kish island and to perform localization of original types by the hands of AKIA DUICH CO.
  • To support franchises all over the country by applying famous registered trademarks of Fiesta and Qdis.

Automotive & railway:

Ona Kish Group has established an automotive & railway industries named Akia Duich & Akia Ultra in Iran and turkey in order to manufacture, Assemble and produce different types of Diesel -Hybrid-CNG and super capacitor Bus, Mini Bus, Middle Bus, Van, Mini Van and light truck applying one of the most famous and giant Chinese and Swiss brands called “HIGER BUS & HESS”.

Some of our business partners and agencies in auto & Railway sector are as follow: