Bist Saz Kish company

Bist Saz Kish company


The investors of Bist Saz Kish company, using more than twenty years of experience in investment and activity in the real estate sector and construction in mainland and Kish Island, decided to build a Luxury Commercial, administrative complex in accordance to international standards.

Relying on its twenty years of work experience and the best engineers and architects specialized in design sector, Bist Saz Kish company won the international ratings and certifications in construction and customer orientation.

Due to the observation of international standards in construction industry and projects designing and completion, the company’s fields of activities are construction of commercial, administrative, exhibition complex, hotel, residential towers and recreational tourism projects.

Bist Saz Kish company, in result of the completion and operational status of Bist Complex in Kish Island and according to unique method of construction, architecture, design and features available in Bist Complex, intends to attract original brands in all areas of activities, such as clothing, food, home appliances, office machines, sporting and recreational goods and cosmetics.  “That’s why it is the strategic point for brands as well as investors, international brands and companies for their first time-presence in Kish Island “.

Location of Bist complex

One of the most exclusive merits of this complex is locating on the edge of main and the most crowded streets of Kish Island and Sanai square next to administrative and banks complex on one hand and in front of Kish hotel complex at a distance of less than 200 meters from the beach between Venus and Maryam malls on the other hand which makes it as a symbol of trade and economic activity.

Bist administrative, exhibition complex

Bist operational project began in mid-2012 and became ready in February 2015. The project is in an area of over 3,700 square meters and infrastructure of over 13,000 square meters. This project is in six floors and a total of 19 units capable of commercial, exhibition and services exploitation and 73 administrative units. Our goal during this project has always been the fact that those who choose to work in Bist Complex, every day from the moment of arrival to the complex and their office, enjoy from interior architecture of the complex. Taking care of The importance of the quality of the joint space, assign separate lobbies on each floor in the vast space, wide corridors with beautiful decorations create a pleasant atmosphere for its residents.

Building specifications:

Land area: 3704 sqm

The number of exhibition unit: 19 units

The number of administrative unit: 73 unit


First floor: Private parking

Ground floor: Exhibition unit with height of 6 meters (Duplex with a private bathroom)

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors: administrative use


Commercial, exhibition, administrative, service