Mehregan Kish transportation company

Mehregan Kish transportation company


Mehregan Transportation Corporate Group consist of ” Mir-Hosseini Transportation company”, “Mehregan Kish Transportation company” and ” Bani Mehregan Aria Air Transportation Service company” is performing as a highly coherent, prolific, repeated complex in terms of road (groupage, charter party), air and international cargo transportation.

Activity description:

  1. Cargo transportation with various trailing options by daily services
  2. Transportation of cars and oversize industrial cargos with a wide range of flat bed, bogie ad auto transport trailers
  3. Handling customs clearance and logistics services, cargo warehousing, loading, discharging and stowing
  4. International cargo transportation
  5. Fast cost –effective cargo delivery
  6. Via air transportation services
  7. Door to door cargo delivery
  8. Safe transportation of perishable goods


  1. Obtaining issued license of bill of loading from Hormozgan Province Department of Terminal’s and Transportation
  2. Obtaining issued license of Air Transport Services form Civil Aviation Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran
  3. Establishing representative offices in provincial capitals
  4. Cargo Transport Official representative in Kish International Fairs and Exhibitions
  5. Official representative for handling exhibition customs services
  6. Official representative of Mamut Industrial Group
  7. Cargo transport office representative of top airlines (Iran air, Mahan, Kish air. Zagros, Asemna, Qeshm air, Ata, Taban, Meraj and Iran air tour)


  1. The organizer of key cargo transport issues in Kish Island
  2. Offering cargo carriage services (road and air) with the lowest possible rate in comparison to the current competitive market
  3. Transporting cargos in the least feasible time by the most reliable methods
  4. Playing a prominent role in Kish development by cargo transportation of huge projects (Dariush, Sadaf and Mercury hotels, Paradise II, Damoun, Venus and Trade Center shopping complexes)
  • Mehregan Kish transportation company:

Central office: No. 116, industrial phase 3, Kish island

Tell: +98 76 44432915-6     –   +98 76 44432895


Business unit tell: +98 9027681003-5

Port logistic unit tell: +98 76 44420707-9

  • Mir-Hosseini transportation company:

No. 326, Shahid Harandi Sq., Shoush St., Tehran

Tell: +98 21 55326044-5   –   +98 21 55326085-6

  • Bani Mehregan Aria transportation company

Terminal 4 & 6, Mehrabad airport

Tell: +98 21 44698020    –   +98 21 4469498

Mamut agency: code 5017

No. 116, industrial phase 3, kish island

Tell: +98 9352755017 –  +98 9027681003


Instagram: mehregantransport

Telegram: mehregangroup

Feedbacks and suggestions: +98 100000764