Squash Board Of kish free zone


Squash on Kish Island started its activities since 80’s with 2 courts. From the beginning regarding to Kish Sports and Recreation Center policies, the board hired one of the best coaches named Sagheb Khan who was coach of Britain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Pakistan and several other countries. Result of hiring this coach was fast championship of Kish team in 2004. The process of inviting players didn’t finish until Ali Ketabforoush and Mohammad Reza Sadeghpour have been Invited to National Team and opened the gate for other players.

Since then, the Island was known as one of best cities for Squash. Then at about 80’s the board built a big complex for Squash which is still the best Squash complex in the country.

As Kish Island became nationally known in Squash sport, today 90% of national players in the youth and adult’s teams are native and sport community in Kish Island are proud of this team. It would easily be said that Squash sport is the main sport in Kish Island. Kish Island had so many national players to mention their names: Mohammad Reza Sadegh pour, Saeed Ketabforoush, Ali Ketabforoush, Soheil Shameli, Alireza Shameli, Sajad Zareian, Amirhossein Jamali zade, Mohhammad Reza Jafar Zade and Mojtaba Kafili, all these Players and their coach received numerous honors.


As Squash is one of the most expensive and classy sports in the world, and it’s the first sport of Kish Island, It’s a very good place for businesses to be known by sponsoring Squash teams.


1-Thirteen years of Championship, second and third place in all younger age groups

2-Championship in both individual and group Olympiad of Iranian sports for both men and women

  1. Training more than 15 national players
  2. Asian championship, Asian championship runner up, third in Asia
  3. Training over 5 international coach.
  4. Champion of national Squash league under direction of Mr.Jahanshahi
  5. 7. The World Cup champion of France and Austria by Sajjad Zareian and Alireza Shameli .
  6. 8. National Adult League championship for six consecutive years by Mohammad Reza Sadeghipour
  7. National Close Championships on international tournament by Sajjad Zareian
  8. One championship and one second place on Close Satellite games by Soheil Shameli
  9. Gaining more than 90% of seats in the youth national team and earn more than 70 percent of the seats in national team.
  10. Training 3 female national players: Pariya AliNejad, Taba Taghavi, Fereshte Eghtedari
  11. Winning the championship in all ages as well as adult championship by Kish women players

Recent developments

  • Using National player Ali Ketabforoush as Administration on the Secretary of the Board
  • Using National Champion Saeed Ketabforoush in The director of Kish Teams
  • Using the potential of the amazing players either when they were player or coach like Sadegh Pour witch it makes a very good motivation”
  • Being league champion was a great news both for Squash and The Island, until now Kish had no championship in any sports that’s why Squash made history for Kish island “


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