kish hotels association history


Kish Hotel Association which has been established in 1997 resulted from the efforts of some hoteliers who are considered as a pioneers of hotel industry in Kish Island, people who are gather together to organize the demands of some particular time to compile the policy lodging operation for progressive view and they have made it.

The main purpose of Kish Hotel Association is providing proper services to hotels to create a relaxing ambience interrelated to the tourist’s maximum satisfaction. We are concentrate on Kish Island’s tourist attracting and improving them day by day.

Goals and mission:

Kish Hotel Association ultimate goal is to achieve excellence in providing service to create pleasurable atmosphere for tourism. Based on the Kish Hotel Association’s experiences, we believe that by providing appropriate services and support for the hoteliers, we can achieve our main goal which is creating an ambience of serenity and tranquility aligned with ultimate tourist satisfaction.

Kish Hotel Association policy:

To continue our mission, we have five major objectives:

  • Cooperating with Kish free zone organization and all subdivision which are related to tourism industry.
  • Providing appropriate services according to the rule and regulations of Kish Hotel Association ad concentrating on quality management for tourist satisfaction.
  • Improving and upgrading on knowledge of Hotel industry and management to meet highest standards.
  • Improving operational skills, consultant abilities and monitoring all operations within Kish Hotel Association to further enhance management and development.
  • Providing information for tourists and hoteliers regarding the attractions and beauties of Kish Island.

Furthermore, Kish Hotel Association is obligated to undertake the quality management system, (Iso 9001.2008) and apply it. We believe that without such system and cooperation among all members and those who are concerned, we will not be able to reach our final objectives.

Thus, we are expecting all to understand exact content of protocols to flourish performance. This policy will be re-verified as a quality management system annually.

Address:  Unit 706, 7th floor، sadaf tower, kish islands ،:

Tel: +98 76 44453337-9

Fax: +98 76 44453340