Mehregan Kish transportation company

Mehregan Transportation Corporate Group consist of ” Mir-Hosseini Transportation company”, “Mehregan Kish Transportation company” and ” Bani Mehregan Aria Air Transportation Service company” is performing as a highly coherent, prolific, repeated complex in terms of road (groupage, charter party), air and international cargo transportation.

  • Transportation of goods and products to all parts of the world and within the country by air
  • Providing delivery service in place of transmitted packets
  • Sending products to Tehran, Assaluyeh, Mahshahr, Bandar Abbas, Kish, Qeshm, Mashhad, Kangan
  • Sending cargos by airlines of: Qeshm Air, Iran Air, Mahan Air, Aseman Air , Ata Air, Kish Air

Iran Hamahang Bar International Transport has been established on 1978. The major activity of our company in the first years after establishment had been Air Freight-Oriented which could achieve a lot of success to expand the activities in all kinds of transportation such as heavy-weighted cargoes, sea-freight, trucking, etc… as well as air-freight counting on its potential, knowledge, facilities, representatives and expert personnel in order to have an impressive and professional presence all around the globe.