Tourism and accommodation centers

Tourism and accommodation centers

  1. Grand recreational pier

Kish recreational pier is on the list of 16 top attractions of Kish island. The pier is located on the beach with a wooden deck that guide you towards beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf. This place is one of the best areas in the island for walking. The recreational Pier has been built by Iranian experts with length of 437 meters. It is close to other entertainment facilities such as Maryam bowling, 4D Cinema, marine clubs, Café, and restaurant.

  1. Coral coast

Most of the passengers and tourists spend their time along the coral beach and enjoy views of Kish and coral beach. The charming pavilions and landscape of this park has created a good chance for the visitors. Watching the sunrise from the beach park will create an unforgettable memory for you.

  1. Greek ship

Based on the information obtained, this ship belongs to Greece and its name is Koalav.  The Greek Ship was built in 1322 by William Hamilton, weighing about 7 tons and length of 1366 meters in Glasgow Port, Scotland. Based on Information obtained, foggy weather and no lighthouse is the reason of its grounding. the Greek’s efforts to remove the ship from the mud didn’t work and they could not pull it out so at the end they dump it into fire.

  1. Kariz underground city

Kariz Underground City, known as aqueduct in the old days, is placed in an area of more than 10 thousand square meter and at a depth of 16 meters from the ground and includes an 8 meters ceiling full of shells, fossils and sea corals and dating between 270 to 570 million years old. The first phase includes different parts of Iranian handicraft booths, traditional and modern restaurants, museums, amphitheater, conference hall and art galleries.

  1. Mirmohanna coastal park

This park is located in the north and north-west of the island. In addition to perfect pavilions, the park has a recreational pier named Mirmohanna. this Park extends from Khatam Mosque to Jask square. There is a fishing pier in the park resulted in two phases: The first phase is from Khatam mosque to Fisherman’s Wharf and phase two is from fishing pier to Jask Square.

Phase One of the park that has an area of about 41,000 square meters, includes pedestrian paths, pavilions and barbecue areas for cooking and tourists parking. Other features of this phase are coastal chapel, the Arab market, public library, fish market, bike path, buffet and tea house. In addition to all these, often along the waterfront you can enjoy free fishing watching turtles.

Phase two covers an area of 50,000 square. In this phase two playground has been considered for children.

  1. Simorgh beach park

Simorgh Park is located on the southeastern side of the island along the coast. Simorgh Park adjacent to Marina Park Hotel, Simorgh hotel and Dolphin’s park complex. Simorgh coastal park is built on an area of 15,000 square meters and beautiful landscape of sandy beach. The park includes spaces for children such as tube park, sports areas, land, badminton, table tennis, skating rink, bar, spa, hiking trails, waterfronts, bike stations, toilets, green space and longitudinal parking.

  1. Dolphins park

Iran’s first dolphin park located on the island of Kish known as Dolphinarium. This large touristic collection is one of the most popular places to visit and includes dolphins, birds, birds garden full of many different species of rare birds traditional, dining and amphitheater.