Property special offers

Property special offers

Buying house can be divided into five categories as follows:

Sadaf area:

About 20 years ago construction of apartment or villas started in this area and today it is divided in 7 phases. The great advantage of Sadaf area is that it is located at the center of Kish Island. Prices of a new home in this area is at least 65,000,000 Rial.

Safain area:

This area is divided into phases of Nobonyad 1, 2, 3 and phase A and phase A2 and F2. New construction and having at least 40% lower price than the Sadaf area are the most important features of this region.

Scattered residential complexes:

In different parts of the island there are also residential units. the most famous ones are Damoun town, Pasargad residential complex, Anahita residential complex, Persian Gulf coastal villages and so on. These areas have very different price but the cheapest one begins from 50,000,000 Rial for each meter.

Kish towers:

Most projects are built on beach area or center of Kish Island. Persian Towers, Kish Air residential towers, Mica residential towers, Atlas Tower, Golden towers, Twin towers, Persian towers 2, Sayeh tower and more are among its famous projects. The minimum price of these towers starts from 80,000,000 Rial for each meter.