Kishvand card

Kishvand card

Kishvand card as an identification card for Kish island residents can be received after 6 months of residence. Provided by Free Zone organization, this card offers a series of advantages and customs discounts and special facilities. The most important advantages of this card are facilities for physical exercise and recreation centers, entry and exit of vehicle, moving furniture to other cities, offering discounts to local people interested in education in Tehran international university and Sharif industrial university.

To receive Kishvand card having a specified job in Kish island, at least 6 months’ residence and home document or rental agreement is required. To issue Kishvand card people need to refer to Card issuing office located in Andisheh boulevard.

Kishvand blue cards are for families living in Kish Island, a yellow card for single people, green cards for natives of the island and all those who were born on the island, Cream-colored card for married people who now singly live in Kish, White card for investors and businessmen and pink cards are for foreign merchants, businessmen and investors in Kish Island.