Kish residential projects

for many years Dubai and Turkey using extensive advertising on satellite channels, have attracted massive amounts of Iranians capital, although in recent years due to the significant increase in the volume of commercial and residential complexes the capacity to absorb funds is provided on the island. Now construction in Kish Island is divided into two categories of Mass construction and multi-unit buildings. During the past 10 years, many developers have invested on Kish island and today most of these projects are accomplished or soon will be ready for delivery. In mass construction, the quality of Kish projects is much higher than national average by accessing free market.

Project name: Sayeh residential project

Location: Marina park hotel

Area: 11600 sm2

Foundation: 27000 sm2

Number of floors: 3 floors for villas complex and 17 floors for tower

Number of units: 48 units of villa complex and 118 units of tower

Structure: steel structure for tower and concrete structure for Villa complex

Project facilities: Heating and Cooling System VRV III

Unit area: 96 and 105 meters for villas, and 89, 97, 130, 133 and 138 meters for tower

Project name: Atlas tower

Atlas Residential Tower is located in an area of 3410 square meters with 19,035 square meters of infrastructure on the edge of Persian Gulf square. Atlas tower is located next to the beach, commercial entertainment and services centers.

The investor of this project is Iranian Atlas Construction Companies group. “Atlas Design and Idea Consulting Engineers ” Company as a sub-group of Iranian Atlas Construction Companies group is responsible for management of phase 3 of this project. In addition, marketing and sales activities in this project is done by ” Iran Atlas Kish (Eyak)”, another subsidiary of Iranians Atlas construction companies group. Design of this project is by Mr. Dezfulian and its implementation is by “Behsara” company. The basic design of the building was raised in a match between consultants, and was exposed for arbitration and selection of the winning design in the construction industry exhibition in Kish Island to the public.

Atlas Residential Tower is located in one of the best areas of the island having access to beach, water sports, beach volleyball, popular markets, bike path as well as easy access to main administrative and commercial centers and other important areas of the island.

Area: 3410 sm2

Floor numbers: 16 floors

Infrastructure: 19035 sm2

Residential units: 109 units

Residential infrastructure: 3572 sm2

Mika Kish residential tower is 15 floors on the seafront with direct and unobstructed views, with the latest local amenities and services suitable for the dignity of Kish Island. The fifteenth floor has a gym and swimming pool.

Full tower profile

Land area: 3850 sq.m.
Infrastructure level: 15430 square meters
Number of floors: 15 floors
Green space: 650 square meters
Number of units: 107 units
Distance from the sea: about 150 meters with direct and unobstructed sea views
Terrace for all units
Best and Newest Air Conditioning Systems
Building fitter
CCTV Classes
emergency power
Smoke detector units and floors
Fire alarm system in the floors
Emergency drinking water source
Anti-theft door lock electronics (Finger Touch)
High-speed lifting telescopic door, smart startup (Finger Touch)
Equipping kitchen units with household appliances manufactured by reputable European factories

Architectural features

External electric water heater

· Holloworks reinforced concrete ceilings

· Central air conditioning system

· Kitchen equipped with freezer compartment, oven, hood and built-in washer

· Kitchen cabinets fully wood with the most advanced equipment

MDF wood door services

MDF MDF door cabinets

· MDF wood entrance doors

The walls are opaque and classy plastic

· Sewage and fittings Pukas Fit Push Fit

· European class key and socket

· European grade valves and fittings

· General European Health Services

· Wiring with the best type of external and highest standard of performance

· Concrete reinforced concrete structure

· Hot and hot piping with German aluminum cord

· Double aluminum windows

Stairs and heaps of marble

· Tile entirely foreign class services

· Outdoor Ceramic Flooring with Wooden Corner – Flooring Parquet and Carpeting

· Lobby and corridors with the best-quality granite

· Glass and cement glass

· Holloworks reinforced concrete ceilings

Facilities and Services

Internet High Speed ​​Internet (at home) Wireless
Central Satellite (Wireless)
Antenna of internal and central networks
Pager and phone to the lobby, each individual intercom unit
A / C setup system with phone
Shaping Shopping Card (Parking)
Shooting waste
Waste chopper (sink)
Center fire extinguisher system (dry and wet)
Fire extinguisher
Building fitter
CCTV Classes
emergency power
Smoke detector units and floors
Fire alarm system in the floors
Emergency drinking water source
Anti-theft door lock electronics (Finger Touch)
High-speed lifting telescopic door, smart startup (Finger Touch)
IPhone video
Landscaping with water and greenery
A swimming pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a gym with a view of the sea on the fifteenth floor

Kish Island Persian Coastal Towers

On the northern shores of the beautiful island of Kish, one of the quietest and most beautiful beaches in the world, the residential complex of Persian Beach Towers is located in four blocks, with 457 units in 29 different types.

The unique design of the complex provides direct sea view for 96% of the units, and all units have at least one balcony facing the sea.

The Kish Island Coastal Towers are a modern and intelligent collection of highly advanced facilities in accordance with the new world standards including Smart Home Automation, BEMS, BMS and many other unique features.

Persian Towers 2

Full tower profile

Land area: 11600 square meters
Number of floors: basement, ground floor, semi-storey and 16 residential floors
Number of units: 314 units in three blocks A B C
78 blocks of block A: five units per floor and three units on the final floor
158 block units B: ten units per floor and 8 units in the final floor
78 blocks of block C: five units per floor and 3 units on the final floor
Outdoor area: 8120 square meters
Covered parking for all units

Architectural features

Lobby with a space of more than 6 meters in height

· Floors made of Italian grade ceramics

· All units have at least one terrace with a glass view

· Removing installation condensers on all terraces

· Sunrise and sunset view

· Neighboring shopping malls

Facilities and Services

Coffee Shop
Covered and open-air restaurant in Tower of Persia 2
Business units and services
home cinema
Recreational Center for Children
Amusement Complex for Adults
Gym and aerobics hall, divided by men and women
Swimming pool with sauna, steam, jacuzzi, men and women
Office suite for complex management
Caretaking and Sentinel
Department of Facilities and Services and Maintenance
Independent installations for each tower including shots of waste, electric power, diesel generator, water resources
A total of 10 elevators with the most luxurious cabin fitted with a cooling system and a capacity of 630 to 1000 kg
Fire alarms and fire extinguishing system for all floors, parking and communications
The garbage collection system is broken down into each underground tower
Design of two simultaneous entrances to the enclosure – East and West
It has two lobby control and entry and exit points
Has an Intelligent Building Management System BMS
Possibility of temporary parking
With Climmer system – Facade wash system
Remote control units

The first smart tower of Kish

Dena Residential Complex Project At A Glance
Total area of ​​the land: about 10,000 square meters
Landscaping area: about 7500 square meters
Total area: Approximately 18,000 square meters
Useful area: Approximately 12,000 square meters
Number of floors: 16 floors
Number of units: 100 residential units
There are 4 Tisen Group lift trucks, which are a special load and emergency unit.
Structural prefabricated metal, bolt and nut with sand blast and epoxy paint, with welding approval
Japan Mitsubishi Aluminum Composite Facade, along with Fram Glass Glass
Unit area: 70 to 350 square meters
Terraces area: from one square meter to 330 square meters
Project location
The Dana residential tower, which consists of sixteen floors, is located at the best of the residential areas of Kish Island.

The prospect of this beautiful building is the Gulf of Gulf and the vast golf course of Kish Island. The golf course, which has seven lakes and extends from the beach to Dena’s residential tower, is the largest golf course in the Middle East.

Dena’s residential tower has many advantages in terms of location. This unique setting, located at the best point of the shellfish city and opposite the Pearl Market, is connected to the four important destinations on the island in four directions. Its residents can, in addition to easy access to markets and shopping, arrive at short distances to the Kish Island Pier.

Side accessories
Lobby is beautiful and luxurious on the ground floor
Assign lobbies to different floors
Meeting rooms, indoor halls for sports and fitness
Fast passenger and freight elevators
Safety system and fire alarm
Kitchen with full European furniture
Indoor parking for each unit
Distinctive features
It is one of the most well-planned island construction projects, so that it’s designed to make use of all the spaces. All units of the complex are 100% bright and the glass-framed view allows you to enjoy the beautiful effects of the island. Dena Tower is very nature-grown so that in addition to cultivating beautiful plants in the grounds and terraces over 6,000 square meters it is dedicated to the greenery.

Modern and advanced building
Quality materials
Extensive green space and beautiful grounds
The beauty of the interior and exterior architecture
Viewing angles of 100% of all units
Extensive terraces
Technical specifications of the Dena Tower (Services and Facilities)
This project has all the features and characteristics of a first-class construction project and the materials and materials used in it are the best-quality European. For example, the walls of this type of bridge is a wall with insulating against sound and humidity. Other technical specifications of the Dena Residential Tower include:

European kitchen cabinets
Double-breasted windows, normal bricks
European valves
Italian San Marque color
The floors of the units are of Spanish grade 1 ceramics
Tyson Group Tire Lift
Independent cooling system for each unit and focuses on spaces
Shooting waste
The Dina Tower has met its energy standards and is equipped with an intelligent control system for the BMS building and remote control system.

The twin towers of Kish are the tallest buildings of the beautiful Kish Island, which is located at the closest distance to the coral beach, designed and built on the most up-to-date structures in accordance with the most advanced world standards by Mash-e-

Full tower profile

Each 24-storey tower has 3 wings and has been built on an area of ​​15,000 square meters, of which 12,000 square meters is devoted to green spaces with an unrivaled ambience.
• Magdeburg
• More than 70,000 square meters of infrastructure
• Modern hotel reservation services
• 8 passenger lifts and 2 freight lifts
• Open pool on the 18th floor of each tower
• Internationally accredited international standards
• 50,000 square meters of composite and glass view
• The strongest structure appropriate to the conditions of the island
• An experienced crew, and many others, are some of the most unique features of this project.
Architectural features
Each 24-storey tower has 3 wings. There are stairs, elevators and space divisions in the cores of these wings, while the lighting and ventilation of this space are provided with the architect’s tone through the angles and corners of the volume. The project has been devoted to a land area of ​​15,000 square meters, of which 12,000 square meters is dedicated to green spaces and landscaping.
The modern and pleasant apartments of these towers range from 60 to 220 square meters including one bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and also a unique penthouse with an area of ​​440 square meters, with a vast and expansive view of the sea and the island. , Glorify life.
The entrance to the twin towers of Kish is designed in such a way that the two sides of the towers, the entrance to the green space
And pleasing. There is a lobby side and parkland side to the lobby side and the other side to the lobby and coral beach. The lobby area is designed with an area of ​​over 1,000 square meters.
Structural analysis of the proposed building:
Concrete structures are one of the most important features of this concrete quality control project by the professors of Kish University and utilizing foreign consultants such as QHC, one of the UAE’s prestigious companies in the field of high-rise construction projects. is.
The construction of twin towers in Kish began with the start of excavation to a depth of more than 5.5 meters below the towers. From 628 pillars to 32 m depth, to construct these towers, according to geotechnical engineers’ calculations. These piles add to the magnitude of the strength, strength and strength of concrete structures against earthquakes.
The head of the candle is also designed with a depth of 2 meters in the bottom of the tower using compressed concrete and is adapted to the weather conditions of the island, and is controlled by consulting engineers and supervisors when run.
New technology and technology used in construction:
One of the technologies used in the design and construction of the pool at the final floors of the tower, which requires the reinforcement of structures in the final classes and engineering science in the branch of architectural and structural installations.
The use of technical systems including the BMS intelligent management system, closed circuit monitoring system, heat exchange control, smart key, central antenna, fire system, air conditioning with VRV system, waste disposal, power distribution, gas distribution, intelligent elevator system Water supply system, lighting systems and cleaning technology.

Golden Kish Tower

Position and General Specifications of the Project

Location of project: Located on the coastal strip, the beautiful Kish Island tour of the Marjan Square and the parsimony of the project under construction: 57000 square meters | Ground area: 15350 sq. M. Structural structure: Scaffolding and scaffolding with retaining and shear walls and composite ceilings.
(Proportional to the island’s climate)
Area of service spaces: 25000 square meters Landscaping and green space: 11000 square meters | Number of towers: 2 | Number of floors 17 Number of lifts per tower: 5 devices (3 passenger vehicles, 1 load carrying, 1 service) Facade type: Aluminum composite and golden glass | Number of units: 318 | Parking lot: 222 units. Storage: 318 units

Available units in Kish Golden towers

Suites: 52 m2 in two bridges One Bedroom: From 71 m² to 99 m² in six bedroom apartments: from 122 m² to 131 m² in four bridges | Three bedrooms: from 154 square meters to 189 square meters in two four-star brigades: 372 square meters in one type
Sports, recreational and service places
On the last floor overlooking the sea and an indoor pool on the floor of the Aussouna and Jacuzzi | Gym and aerobics | Billiards and Coffee Shop Supermarket | Kindergarten General services such as bank, airline, taxi services and other events. Central lobby with special emergency design and fire extinguishing system Freshwater Spilet Unit Cooling System Independently Equipped with CCTV and Central Antenna Green Space Design and Landscaping

Diplomatic Residential Complex

The residential complex of the diplomat has been located on an area of ​​12,000 square meters in one of the best parts of the island (next to the Olive Commercial Complex). The special location of the diplomat (proximity to the sea, shopping malls, markets and service centers) with its unique atmosphere and unique architectural distinction have made it different. The complex has three 17-story towers, each floor of each tower has 9 residential units (from 57 square meters to 131 square meters), which utilizes experienced engineers and technicians in addition to the structural structure and specially built facility in accordance with the National Building Standards It has beautiful interior and exterior architecture and high technical specifications.

Designers and executives of the complex are carefully selected on the details of designing and selecting the optimal materials in different parts of the interior and exterior of the apartments, lobbies, views, pools, saunas, jacuzzi, sports halls, elevators, meeting rooms, children’s play space, kindergarten , Different parts of the premises, parking lots and other public and private spaces.

The residential complex Aftab city Kish

Kish Elite Company was established as a parent company in 1368. The company focused on activities in various fields such as tours, hotel construction, summer festivals, the need for housing and housing for the boom, in order to boost Kish Free Zone. The more the area was built, Kish Elit was planning to build a built-up town, and measures were taken to make this happen. The establishment of the Sun City Kish and the provision of land at the best point of the island were the first steps. An area of ​​125,000 square meters has become the largest commercial residential office in Kish. Residential units are made of the highest quality towers that the island has ever seen. The city of Kish has been able to receive the top quality building in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The location and strategic location of the city is not only exceptional in terms of beauty and well-being, but also an economically viable investment due to the continuous growth of coastal buildings.

Full tower profile

The city Aftab of the oldest and largest massif of Kish Island, with its quarter century of activity on the eastern coast of Kish and adjacent to the glacial waters of the Persian Gulf with a dreamy scenic view of an area of ​​125,000 square meters. The sunshine city offers you the most amazing living space, work, relaxation, recreation and sport. The main advantage of the eastern coast of Kish is its lazier sea and the beautiful sandy beaches that are in full tranquility.
In the design of the city, 30% of the occupancy rate is allocated to construction and 70% to green space and access. This complex has entrance and exit gates and daytime security for the safety of residents. City of sunshine has world standards and It is to be noted that over the past eight years, there are 3 9-storey towers and 6 8-storey residential buildings with 750 units built up and delivered to the owners who are now residing in them. In the year 1391 There are 4 other 17-storey towers, including 480 apartment units completed and 10 towers of 17 residential floors with 150,000 square meters of underground facilities. Is being constructed.

Architectural features

Located 300 meters from the most beautiful sandy beach of Kish Island with an exceptional view of the glacial waters of the Persian Gulf.
It has the most beautiful gardens and greenery with a total area of ​​60,000 square meters.
Exceptional design, high quality performance, and the use of domestic and foreign grade materials. The buildings are of high quality and the township with full control of entry and exit to the complex and guard in each of the towers and installing a large number of circuit cameras Closed places and blocks have created great security in the city. In this complex, residents of the most appropriate day-care service provided by the district services department with a trained and sympathetic box of the residential complex of the city of Shabat differ from other collections Has been in the country.
Constructed units will be given to the vendors with definitive documents.
The variation in the area of ​​one to four-story apartments, with private terraces.
Having extraordinary value added compared to other investments in Kish Island and in total in the whole country.
The Kish city complex now has a variety of amenities, including a spa, a women’s pool, sauna, jacuzzi, women’s hairdressing salon, massage salon, gymnasium and yoga for women, men’s gymnasium, diverse restaurants, night clubs and a restaurant for the round. There are many other facilities like cinemas, theaters, concert venues, bowling halls, billiards, swimming pools, FOOD KURT, a number of restaurants, various coffee shops, and a variety of cafes, as well as caravans, supermarkets, air carriers. And the hypermarket of 600 commercial office units World famous brands to offer and provide whatever is needed Kish Shhraftaby and passengers will be providing. More than 250 staff, employees and workers are currently employed in the Kish Island City.

Facilities and Services

Extensive amenities such as modern elevators, automatic water desalination systems, sound and thermal insulation with double glazing, air conditioning and cooling equipment, the possibility of parking and protecting your boats, swimming pool with terrace Sunshine for ladies, spas, Turkish baths, saunas and jacuzzi, well-equipped gymnasium, nightlife for sunshine, restaurant, security camera system, internet and spacious green space.

Residential Towers Sina 1 & 2

Full tower profile

The Sina residential towers are located in the best region of Kish (Sadaf Town), which consists of two 11-storey residential towers, each of which is 100 units 58 to 81 meters high.
The volume of concrete used in this project is 12,000 cubic meters and its reinforcement is 1500 tons, which represents the strength of the structure.
6500 square meters of foundation with a volume of more than 3600 cubic meters of concrete and 400 tons of reinforcement, one of the most unique features of this project.
The use of the torsion system, along with the slab plates and sheer walls, is one of the most up-to-date technologies in the world today.

Architectural features

Cables used in the undercoating system The structure is one of the most trusted cables in Spain that comes with the most prestigious brand in the country.
Using the latest ventilation system with the world’s most prestigious brands in the Sina Kish Complex, which centrally covers the entire building and will provide the most environmentally friendly environment for residents.
Using the best-quality power cables made by Iran in the electrical system of the building as well as the use of the best-quality super-piping and pipe fittings for the sewage system.
The classic design and the use of more than 8,000 square meters of the most beautiful travertine and unique lighting of the facade and the tower area.

Facilities and Services

he use of central antenna system, CCTV and alert system for fire detection and fire.
Use two elevators per block of the best brands in the world.
Sports hall, billiard lounge, cycling track and unbeatable green space.

Dana’s four residential residential towers

Full tower profile

Dana’s four-storied towers:
Dana Residential Tower is one of the highest residential and commercial towers in the east of Kish Island, 500 meters from the beach. The base of this tower is about 8276 square meters in 4 blocks under construction. The central and shared hall space is shared between the blocks and its internal green space with a special glass cover, a resting place and the use of ground-based facilities for residents and visitors. The four residential blocks (A-B-C-D) have combined a total of 558 residential units with variable substructures.
This complex has 582 parking lots, kindergarten, supermarket, cafeteria, boutique, pool on the 18th floor and sunshine, BMS intelligent system restaurant, gym, dry cleaning, central whitening, car wash, hypermarket, fire alarm system, hall Luxurious gatherings and lobbies, Internet wireless, CCTV cameras, water and electricity meters of each unit, solar heating system, 4 power generators and 10 elevators.
For residents entering the parking lot cars are projected from the north (Shandiz Safdari Street), and its area is surrounded by waterfalls and a large indoor entrances for pedestrians from the southeastern province of Skhistan.

Residential Complex Dorsa Mehr Kish

Full tower profile

Land area: 20,300 sq. M. Total infrastructure: 45100 sq. M. Useful residential area: 24900 sq. M. Service area: 4300 sq. M. Outdoor area: 12000 sq. M. Parking lot: 370 Floor units: Minimum of 3 and maximum 9 floors (including basement) Number of residential units: 370 Unit (including 286 1-bedroom units, 80 units 2-bedroom apartments and 4 units 3-bedroom apartments) Short-term blocks: From 53 to 62 sq.m. High-rise blocks: from 47 to 94 m2

Architectural features

Creativity in the architecture and design of the facade and its elements
Special and exclusive lighting
Variation in brigade, form and area of ​​units in accordance with the buyer’s taste
Lobby design in high-rise blocks and attractive entrance in short-term blocks
Administrative Suite for Integrated Management
Varied perspectives for each unit and terraces for any illness in order to better use the spaces
Appropriate distance from the North Coast so that it is possible to view the sea from the third floor to the part of the units.
Suitable design in the roof due to the proper view of the sea and the island for use in different seasons of the year
Expansive spacious spaces with beautiful views to the waterfront and the greenery.
Special attention to green areas
Special design of the enclosure wall as a fence, green space, design elements as benches and special lighting
Design of stone frames around windows due to the climatic climate of Kish

Facilities and Services

Possibility of temporary parking
High Run Speed ​​Due to Features and Location of the Island.
Easy and quick access to the main and the airport’s main streets and shrines
Quick and easy access to the service centers inside the (supermarket) and out of the site and the scientific and academic centers of the island.
All units have indoor private parking
Use of quality materials on the facade and the use of over 60,000 square meters of super rocks
Use of foreign or Iranian grade and quality materials in domestic wares
Implementation of a climate compatible concrete structure in accordance with the 2800 regulations, the use of integrated shear walls in floors and basements
13 lifts with cockpit locks and use 2 elevators per residential block
Escalators and elevators in the hypermarket of the world’s famous brands
Observe the regulations and standards of the national fire regulations
Use of central antenna system, CCTV and fire extinguishers on all floors and parking and communications