Kish Free Zone Organization


Administration of Kish Free Zone responsibilities and issues is on Organization for which its responsibilities have been approved by High Council of Free Trade-Industrial Zones. The basic goals of this organization are providing needed infrastructure on the island, construction and development, economic growth, job creation, attracting domestic and foreign investments, labor and product market regulation, being active in global markets to develop non-oil exports, preparation and production of industrial goods, exploitation of specific situations in Kish Island including General Assembly, Board of Directors, CEO and chairman of the board of directors and legal inspections. General Assembly outlines the goals including agreement on establishment or liquidation of companies and institutions, drafting and amending constitutions, implementation of supervision over the performance of the organization, appointment and dismissal of members of the Board and CEO and also determining the amount of toll and how to toll from individuals and agencies. Kish Free Zone Organization Board of Directors composed of three or five persons. The board has all the authority in the framework of the law on the administration of Free Trade – Industrial zones for the implementation of the tasks provided in the constitution. These functions include determining the executive procedures, contracting, collection of duties and registration of companies and industrial property, vessels, aircraft (without patent). The Board also determines Free Zone’s kind of land use, the use of national resources and sell or dispose of them according to law and administrative regulations adopted by the General Assembly. The CEO of the organization who is also chairman of the Board is appointed from the board members by decree of the presidential. Duration of this responsibility is three years which can be extended for another three-year period. The CEO has all the powers in the implementation of decisions of the Board of Directors and play as the representative of the organization against third parties. Moreover, the CEO is responsible for the good performance of all businesses in Free Zone and protection of rights and profits of its assets.

Vision and Mission

Kish island is a safe, quiet and clean island, the best touristic destination for families, scientific-educational and research hub, sustainable development model by taking advantage of new technologies and the best places to invest in Persian Gulf.

Kish island:

Kish Free Zone includes the islands of Kish, Hendurabi, big Farour and small Farour.

It is a safe, quiet and clean place based on ethical principles and islamic and national values, full of calmness, healthy and free of environmental pollution, regardless of social problems and benefiting from social and judicial security. It has social compliance by citizens and tourists and advanced facilities for Health and treatment, natural environment which is full of trees, plants and lush parks and nice and clean beaches, best facilities and municipal services in the areas of collection and disposal of waste, systems of safety and prevention and control of events, security system which is law-abiding, powerful, trusted and based on prevention of crime.