Company registration

What are the benefits of registering a company in Kish?

  1. 20 years’ exemption for any economic activity
  2. Entry of foreigners without a visa
  3. Registration of the company with the citizenship of foreign shareholders
  4. Guarantee and legal protection of foreign investors
  5. The lack of restrictions on transfer of foreign currency to other parts of Iran and other countries
  6. Different money and banking services
  7. Facilitation of currency transactions
  8. International Stock Exchange and Oil and Petrochemicals Exchange
  9. Exemption from payment of customs duty for import of raw materials and industrial machinery
  10. Simple and convenient formalities for export and transit of goods
  11. Facilitation in entry of authorized good
  12. Long-term rent of land to foreigners
  13. Appropriate energy consumption
  14. Ability to export produced goods from Kish Island to neighboring countries within the framework of added values