Shadman Golestan Kish


Shadman Golestan Kish company, with the philosophy of be the first and the best, established in 1382 aiming at providing hotel and industrial kitchen equipment.

Shadman Golestan headquarters office is working in the United Arabic Emirates (Dubai).

Shadman Golestan company is the first general and all-round provider of kitchenware in Iran and incorporates with 95 percent of Kish island’s hotels and restaurants and gives services to them.

Shadman Golestan company is still unrivaled in the diversity of items after 15 years.

Shadman Golestan company specializing in the field of industrial equipment for hotels, cafes and supermarkets and importing modern equipment and new devices has tried to increase the use of new technology and equipment in society.

Support, after-sales service and 50-years-warranty are among the company’s unique features.

The company is one of the largest equipment and service provider in the Kish island.

Accomplished projects:


  • Kooh Nour restaurant
  • Saba Malek restaurant
  • Mer Mohanna restaurant
  • Foodland restaurant
  • Foot court Damoun
  • Eyvan Morvarid restaurants
  • Lanjin restaurant
  • Hashtak restaurant
  • National Drilling Company restaurant
  • Amu Akbar restaurant
  • Azad university restaurant


  • Felamingo hotel
  • Sadaf hotel
  • Shaygan hotel
  • Aramesh hotel
  • Eram hotel
  • Parmis hotel


  • Golestan supermarket
  • Doustan supermarket
  • Safir supermarket
  • Khanshir supermarket
  • Bishabour supermarket
  • Kish Free Zone Organization supermarket

Shadman Golestan company’s business partner:


Empero took its first steps into the sector in 1983 with the brand of Ersoz Kitchen Equipment and in 2005 made a fast enter into the sector by uniting its 5 companies, which are producing different needs of Industrial Kitchen Equipment, under the brand of EMPERO GROUP. Empero Group achieved to keep far ahead of its rivals. In the market, by manufacturing; Preparation Equipment, Café Equipment, Dishwasher, Cooking Equipment, Cooling Equipment, Shelves, Sahara Kitchens and Mobile Kitchens that are used by military and non-governmental organizations in Industrial Kitchen Sector.


Shadman Golestan, 1rst floor, Venus mall


Dubai tell: 0097-1508558567

Kish tell: 0098 7644463422

Mobile: 09347691441