ُToranj Hotel


The Toranj Marine Hotel and its touristic complex are located in the northwest of Kish Island (Persian Gulf, Iran). The complex comprises of two segments, namely water villas (operational) and onshore hotel (under construction), onshore restaurant and coffee shop.

The Toranj Marine Hotel offers you an exceptional experience of being close to nature and water. It lifts up the spirit; it gives you a sense of indescribable calmness and a sense of awe to the One who created it all.

The unique and special geographical location of Toranj Marine Hotel offers scenery with extraordinary beauty, including sunrise and sunset, tremendous view of the sea, waves, coral, green spaces, beach, etc. To attract migrating birds and the preservation of natural ecosystems, two artificial islands are constructed.in constructing Toranj hotel, the architectures attempted to obtain and maintain the natural ecosystem believing that you are nature guests. Based on these honorable efforts, Toranj Marine hotel received the award of the first eco-friendly hotel.

Hotel Services (included):

  • Breakfast buffet
  • In-room mini-bar
  • VIP airport transfer to the hotel
  • Free Wi-Fi in rooms and public areas
  • Regular shuttle service from the hotel to the main shopping centers and attractions
  • Beach volleyball
  • Fitness center
  • Childcare

Hotel General Facilities:

  • Room service
  • Gaming for adults (X-Box, billiard, table foosball, air hockey)
  • Spa center
  • Grand Khorshid restaurant (with a glass floor for direct seafloor view)
  • Taj-e-Toranj restaurant (breakfast, sea view, and sunset)
  • Coffee bar and fast food (outdoor service on the balcony)
  • Beach restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Tea house
  • Photo studio
  • Tourism information centre
  • Dry cleaning
  • Rental service (car, scooter, bicycle)
  • First aid medical centre
  • On-site nurse and on-call doctor

Things you don’t know about Toranj hotel:

Considering the uniqueness of water villa’s construction, specific care is paid to the preservation of marine natural beauty and ecosystem. The design and construction philosophy of the hotel have been based on environmental friendliness and minimal damage to the ecosystem. We trust that our honorable quests would also respect our design rules and behave accordingly.

Major research across the Kish Island was carried out to select the best location for the Toranj Marine Hotel. The northwest coast of the island was selected due to sea uniformity in the depth of 1000 meters. Such depth introduces a natural barrier against storm and intense sea waves.